One of the hardest attributes to develop with a client. Yet with a proven record, Fox Meadows Farm will unveil the commitment potential of each individual and refine it.



At Fox Meadows Farm we strive to release the excellence in both horse and rider. Excellence can only be achieved through discipline, perseverance and commitment.



Perseverance at Fox Meadows Farm is achieved by pushing the boundaries of the horse and rider with proven discipline and practice. Both will benefit from the outcome.



Fox Meadows Farms Success is historically consistent. Our clients grow in a positive and disciplined manner to achieve their goals between both Horse and rider.


welcome to Fox Meadows farm


Please take a moment to look over our lesson and training programs. While you are, please keep in mind that our goal is to produce a safe, outstanding horse and rider combination. While doing this we are dedicated to our, and your, enjoyment of the industry. Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask about any questions or concerns that you might have. 

We are all settled in the new facility. And we are happy to be giving horse back riding lessons and training in Norco, Ca! 

Whether your are a beginner or an intermediate rider, we have a program for you. Contact us and lets set up a program tailored for your personal discipline or level. It is time to start today!